is cancer a death sentence

This video,, can also be seen at is more complex than a simple yes or no answer. Your chances of surviving cancer are determined by the stage of your cancer and the location and your health before the diagnosis. I had stage one lung cancer. I had it removed a year ago. I have.Cancer Is Not A Death Sentence Cancer is not a death sentence, it is simply a warning sign and wake up call. It allows you an opportunity to reverse the current lifestyle.It used to be when you were diagnosed with metastatic cancer, you were told to get your affairs in order, period. Now, with advances in research and treatment, a diagnosis of metastatic disease is no.This annual report involves rates and statistics of the different cancer cases, cancer deaths, and cancer treatments all over the world. Thanks to this report, we now have certain facts that can assure us that Cancer is no longer a death sentence.Alessandra Valerio was diagnosed with choriocarcinoma, a rare pregnancy- related cancer that forms when cells, formerly part of the placenta,Cancer is not a death sentence even if you have stage IV cancer. For many people, Cancer feels like a death sentence. Doctors tell us that the only way to treat cancer is by using chemo, radiation, or surgery. They pressure us to take standard treatments. We are to believe that we will die if we don’t use these procedures.You have Stage 4 Cancer – Death Sentence or is there hope? You Have stage 4 cancer! hearing those words come from an oncologist or worse yet a well-meaning assistant would buckle anyone at the knees and cause them to burst into tears.Inoperable pancreatic cancer. inoperable pancreatic cancer. sounded like a death sentence. At least that’s how we felt. And truthfully, it was. Mom’s prognosis left us reeling. The doctor held out little hope.Pancreatic Cancer: No Longer a death sentence pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly malignancies known. It is currently the third leading cause of cancer mortality and will very shortly be the second leading cause of cancer mortality in this country. Over the past 25 years survival from all cancers has increased from approximately 25% to 60%.